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2021-10-23 08:18:15


Ground source heat pumps have many kinds of low temperature heat sources. The most widely used are geothermal 

drainage, shallow water and soil. Then, ground source heat pump for low-temperature heat source what kind of 



A low temperature heat source temperature should be as high as possible, such as high temperature heat from the 

cold water of 10 DEG C to 60 C in the ascending temperature is 50 DEG C; if from 35 DEG C to extract heat high 

temperature geothermal water, the environment also sent to 60 DEG C, the temperature increase only 25 degrees C.



Two, the low temperature heat source should have enough heat to be extracted, and the energy consumption of the 

extraction of heat should be as small as possible. Heat extraction from geothermal systems is a waste utilization, 

with little additional energy consumption.


Three, low temperature heat source on the corrosion of metal equipment should be as small as possible, from this 

point of view, the geothermal system drainage as low temperature heat source than the shallow well water is poor, 

because generally more or less metal corrosion of hot water and cold water, shallow well water quality is better, 

in general little corrosion.


Four, low temperature heat source temperature fluctuations should be as small as possible, and this heat source 

has sufficient heat for extraction has a lot to do with. In general, Asakai cold water temperature is relatively 

constant; soil heat temperature will decline, and taking the heat and buried heat exchanger in the area have a 

certain relationship; geothermal utilization after water temperature can be maintained constant, and relevant 

quality control equipment and automatic control system designed by the.

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